Other fiction by Richard Watt:

Short fiction:

Words and Music is a collection of short stories, all inspired by the untold stories of popular music. The collection of stories is added to from time to time, as the mise permits, but some completed examples can be seen on this site:

Flash Fiction:

Richard has had three stories published on the 365 Tomorrows flash fiction site:

Shore Leave - coming in 2015!

Shore LeaveShore Leave is the story of David, a man with no past. David took part in the Normandy Landings in 1944, and has the scars to prove it. He also has no memory of his life before the day he woke up in a hospital in Winnipeg.

His former sergeant thinks he may have killed a man, his doctors fear that their work will be undone if he ever knows the truth.

In order to find out who he is, David must travel into the life of Robbie, who never came back from war.

Find out more at the Shore Leave pages: More about Shore Leave

Going Back - now available at all good online bookstores!

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Going BackSome memories aren't really memories at all…

In 1978, Andrew Macintyre was 15 years old and on the greatest adventure of his life when he was drawn into the troubled life of Karla, the woman who would disturb his dreams for the next 25 years. He has buried the memory of what she did to him ever since, but an encounter with her brother reveals a shocking reality he can't ignore.

He travels back to the village in Germany he only dimly remembers and the truth is slowly revealed to him; the truth about the boy he was, and about the man he might yet be. Clare, the girl he worshipped from afar, becomes the friend he had needed all along, and together they piece together what really happened. As everyone affected by that summer comes together, Andrew hopes that memories, like wounds, can heal…

Getting to Back, the Going Back blog

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