Other non-fiction by Richard Watt:

Left-handed under the Iron Curtain

The genesis of Going Back can be found in this short piece; an autobiographical tale of the original bus trip, undertaken in 1978: Left-Handed

Let's do the show right here!

More autobiography, this time the story of how a group of otherwise indolent teenagers defied the odds and put on a show - originally written for the now defunct Hazlehead Academy FP website. Let's do the show right here!

Home away from home: Alba

A short love letter to the little Italian town - proof that even places full of chocolate factories can be captivating... Alba

50 Musical Memories

Updated after 10 years, this is an expanded and updated version of the original '40 Musical Memories' blog, which was written to commemorate Richard's 50th birthday. It will chime with those of a certain age, and probably provide more psychological insight than Richard is really comfortable with: 50 Musical Memories (note: click on 'Older Entries' to see more...)

Dear Friends

Going BackThe Dear Friends letters were a series of articles written both as a way of keeping Richard's circle of friends back in the UK up to date with the family's move to Canada, and as a series of articles published in the Prince George Citizen newspaper.

Published in 2006 and 2007, they document a year in the life of an ordinary suburban British family who suddenly move halfway round the world.

The original articles have been collected in a blog, which can be found here:
The Dear Friends blog

The letters were subsequently expanded into book form, and the Dear Friends book is intented for future publication as an e-book.

You can read an extract from the book here:

Dear Friends - introduction

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